Physician Assistant Orthopedic Mufreesboro TN

Job Title: Physician Assistant Orthopedic Mufreesboro TN
Job ID: 8036061057
Employer: Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
Location: Mufreesboro, TN
Provider Category: Advanced Practice Providers (PA's, APRN's)
Provider Type: Physician Assistant
Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery
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The Physician Assistant is an extension of our Orthopaedic Surgeons, and works closely with them in our practice, serving an important role in our holistic patient care. Our PAs are responsible for providing routine patient care in a clinical setting and aiding our physicians ensuring that our patient care is of the highest effectiveness as quality. Our PAs spend a substantial amount of time in our clinical sites, but will also support our surgeons in surgical settings.

Perform comprehensive and problem-focused history and physical examinations

Order and interpret diagnostic studies (i.e. x-rays, MRIs, CTs)

Establish a diagnosis, determine a treatment plan, implement the necessary ancillaries, and order additional and selective studies or laboratory evaluations.

Work closely with the TOA surgeons to evaluate and treat patients in the office setting

Provide needed procedures; assist surgery and continually assess patients’ needs and conduct appropriate follow up

Prepare written prescription orders for drugs and controlled substances and authorize prescription refills.

Assist physicians and or ancillary staff in the application of specialized orthopaedic devices. Fit and measure for braces and orthopaedic devices.

Assist physicians by recording patient progress notes and transcribe orders.

Triage patient telephone calls, answer questions and provide consultation and education to the patient and personal representatives.

Provide monitoring and continuity of care. Provide supporting documentation and coding information for all health care services provided.

Participate in professional development activities and maintain professional affiliations.

Protect patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Regulations

Travel to multiple clinics or satellite offices as required

Required Experiences and Qualifications

At TOA, our patients deserve the best care, and we strive to differentiate our practice by having the most qualified and skilled PAs available. Here are some of the experience and qualification requirements for our PA role:

Graduate of an accredited Physician Assistant program/Nurse Practitioner Program with experience in Orthopaedic practices preferred

Current and active licenses and certifications

Exceptional customer service skills

Demonstrated conflict management skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Strong organizational skills with great attention to detail

Operating room experience required